2013 2013
White blood cell count predicts post-ablation recurrence Prevention of post-operative atrial fibrillation
Novel ablation technique shows promise Importance of contact force in catheter ablation
RF is superior to Cryo for follow-up ablation
2012 2012
Nonfluoroscopic catheter ablation
Focal ablation for atrial fibrillation (CONFIRM trial) Continuous use of warfarin during catheter ablation
Dabigatran and catheter ablation Contact force measurement in catheter ablation
2011 2011
Importance of repeat ablations Success of combined radiofrequency and cryoablation
Left atrial function following repeat ablations Single ablation success rate of 92%!!
Repeat ablation - the sooner the better General anesthesia associated with better ablation results
Ablation-associated stroke eliminated "Perpetual motion" improves ablation outcome
Improved safety of PVI procedures with shorter clotting times Flutter ablation alone is not enough
Vitamins C and E prevent pos-operative AF
2010 2010
HIFU ablation found unsafe Left atrial flutter induced by catheter ablation
Simplified approach to AF ablation Left atrial appendage - A common trigger
Comparison of manual, robotic and cryo PVI procedures Evaluation of Stereotaxis system for catheter ablation
Mitral isthmus block and atrial tachycardia Antiarrhythmic therapy prior to ablation
Pre-treatment with dofetilide improves ablation outcome Flutter ablation may unmask AF
ATP challenge markedly improves ablation outcome Is transesophageal echocardiography necessary?
Cardioversion of AF following catheter ablation Effect of ablation on left atrial function
Timing essential in ablation for persistent AF
2009 2009
First long-term results of robot -assisted ablation Large cryoballon catheter shows promise
Tachycardia following AF ablation Ablation of ganglionated plexi
Antiarrhythmics post-ablation: Useful or not?
- 2008 - 2008
New ablation catheter looks promising Effectiveness of cryoballoon isolation
Ablation versus antiarrhythmics Atrial fibrillation "unmasked" following flutter ablation
Is there an age limit for PVI ablation? Evaluation of new cryo-balloon technique
Flutter ablation with Stereotaxis system Successful application of Stereotaxis system
Atrioesophageal fistula avoidance Evaluation of Hansen Sensei robotic system
Mesh catheter looks promising Predicting AF occurrence following ablation
Ablation end-point testing not reliable Improved pulmonary vein isolation technique