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Insurance denied my ablation

Posted by Kleinkp 
Insurance denied my ablation
March 08, 2019 06:53PM
Regence denied my ablation with Dr. Natale. Wasn't even aware when TCAI checked and approved my insurance that it was and issue until week or so ago. Made my trip plans ie plane tickets etc. Very frustrated with regence I guess I have to to an appeal. Any insight into the appeals process? Said ablation wasn't medically necessary yikes. Last 8+years failed 2 drugs and breakthroughs on flexnaide/met which I currently take. Very stressful and disheartening to say the least.
Re: Insurance denied my ablation
March 08, 2019 07:03PM
That's ridiculous. Talk to TCAI and ask them to help. Not only would I appeal the decision, I'd also file a complaint with the state insurance board.
Re: Insurance denied my ablation
March 14, 2019 11:04AM
What kind of rep does this insurance company have?
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