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Urgent question for the veteran afibers here

Posted by rocketritch 
Re: Urgent question for the veteran afibers here
February 21, 2019 12:06PM
I'm glad he went through without complications so far. I don't know how much esophageal risk there is in a right-sided flutter ablation, but it's probably not zero. Given the fact that alcoholics' esophagi (?) are often in bad shape, I'd recommend keeping careful watch for signs of any complications there over the next few weeks. You mentioned your wife is a nurse or studying to be a nurse so I'm sure she would be knowledgeable about it.

For our newer folks, what rocketritch has gifted us here by his careful and thoughtful anecdote is a textbook example of HOW NOT TO HAVE AN ABLATION. Ever.

Thanks, rocketritch, for sharing and we're all keeping our fingers crossed for your extended family.
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