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xeralto. how long after converstion.. ibuprofen.. kidney stone

Posted by bettylou4488 
xeralto. how long after converstion.. ibuprofen.. kidney stone
February 11, 2019 11:35AM
I was converted on 1/8 and started on dofetilide.. they kept me on xeralto when i left the hospital. I have what is probably a kidney stone moving and shaking. (I have one but it was quiet.) So i want to take ibuprofen but of course can't. I have some friends with A-fib. ONe just did the same thing i did.. hospital stay for dofetilide and she was not put on xeralto. Another that goes in and out and converts at home on meds takes elilquis just when in a-fib and for like 48 hours after. I called and the nurse said i had to be on xeralto a year. a year???!! When i was at an appointment for congenital issues i have it is interesting the fellow came in and said that they probably wouldn't do xeralto even if in afib but just asprin but the doc said no he wanted me on it. Is there an SOP? But basically if i want to take ibuprofen i have to go off the xeralto and they don't want me too. I have an appointment with the urologist tomorrow and she will probably say norco- which is 'ok' but there is addiction in the family in respect to pain killers so that is not my first option

Re: xeralto. how long after converstion.. ibuprofen.. kidney stone
February 12, 2019 03:15AM
This question keeps coming up over and over, perhaps we can get some sort of "Sticky Post" on Post Conversion Anti-Coagulation.

What do mean by "Is there a SOP?"

This question can only be answered by assessing one's individual Stroke Risk (Chads-VASc), and AFIB Frequency. By "Frequency, we mean Frequency of episodes, how likely future episodes are, and most of all the confidence you have in being able to tell when you are or have been in AFIB. The Doctors most often tend to error on the side of caution and Liability Protection, and recommend or mandate Anti-Coagulation, as they usually do not trust the Patients awareness of AFIB frequency or duration. Indeed there many who are not sure when their AFIB has started or stopped, or if they were in AFIB during sleep.

The Atria becomes "Stunned" (does not contract) as a result of the AFIB. It is during this period Clot Formation is a risk as the Blood is not circulating normally in the Atria. The Atria resumes normal function after some point after a Conversion. This usually happens within minutes or hours, but it can take upwards of 4-6 weeks in some cases.

I will just say what I have decided for myself, I have Lone-AFIB, Chads score 0. I absolutely know when I am in AFib, or not. I have lived through many Conversions over the last decade. I have talked to 5 Cardio Dr's about this and 3 of them were EP's. I also did much Internet research. If I have an Episode that lasts less than 8 hours, I don't take AC Drugs. If my episode lasts less than 48 hours then I take Xarelto for 4 days Post Conversion, and then taper down to a half-dose of 2.5mg for another 3 days. For longer Episodes I extend the Eliquis out to a max of 10 days. That is just my risk assessment that my Dr. has gone along with based on my situation and circumstances. If I was having multiple Episodes in the same month, and then ongoing AFIB recurrences, then my Dr. wants me on the AC Drugs continuously.

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Re: xeralto. how long after converstion.. ibuprofen.. kidney stone
February 14, 2019 04:48PM
Thanks so much for your reply. I am going to discuss in March when i see the doc. It sounds like a measured approach. ps yes after i posted this i was like--- yea this is the QOD on the group LOL.

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