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Update - ablation 12/19/2018

Posted by ajr1960 
Update - ablation 12/19/2018
January 12, 2019 07:13PM
Hello all -
I am back home and recovering

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Re: Update - ablation 12/19/2018
January 13, 2019 09:18AM
What drugs are you on? Are you still on an anti-arrhythmia drug and beta blockers? Those will sap the energy right out of you.

Also I have noticed since my ablation in July as I did following my first ablation in 2009, my endurance and hearts reactive nature to exercise has changed. I am guessing it will come back in time as it did back in 2009 but I am just now starting to get back to the swing of things as I had other issues unrelated to my heart that was hindering my ability to exercise.
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