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xeralto question

Posted by bettylou4488 
xeralto question
January 02, 2019 07:29PM
edit.. my congenital cardiologist emailed me thankfully so i am going to go forward with his advice and i see him tomorrow. thanks.. i was trying to figure out how to delete this post but i only see edit. thanks all.

I have had about 5 episodes of a-fib always converted. but the last 2 were a week apart. So i went back to the EP doc and they put me on cardizem and flecanide. they said to do xeralto if i did go into afib. I will say that the drugs helped for a week. But im pretty sure i am in afib. I go to my adult congential cardiologist tomorrow. the EP said to go ahead and take the xeralto- but if i am back in sinus is that necessary? She said if i was not in afib tomorrow i could just go off. I haven't really dove into all this afib stuff because i have always come out of it and it was years apart. But my immediate step right now is do i pop a xeralto? wait till tomorrow? that will be a 24 hour window. I do think perhaps the medications are causing this because the last 3 days i have felt it about 2 hours after taking my morning medications. But the last 2 days it went back. sad smiley

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Re: xeralto question
January 02, 2019 08:55PM
Take the Xarelto. If you don't need it, it's harmless. If you need it, it's life saving.
Re: xeralto question
January 03, 2019 09:16AM
The only negative to blood thinners is bruising BUT bruising will heal; A stroke could end Life. Take the blood thinner. It’s your best defense against a stroke. I know everyone is different but I bruise easier on Xarelto than Eliquis. When I was taking 10 mg of Xarelto 1X a day, I bruised so easily. Since swapping to Eliquis 2.5 mg 2X a day, I do not bruise as easy.
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