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AF after pacemaker implantation

Posted by Elizabeth 
AF after pacemaker implantation
December 30, 2018 06:40PM
I never read the following before, I do have a pacemaker but I had AF before the pacer.

By Selwyn-2018-12-29 from the Pacemaker site:

There are many reports on this site of the onset of atrial fibrillation (AF) following pacing. Why?

Could this just be due to chance?

Whether having a pacemaker inserted is so stressful that it triggers AF is open to debate as there is no doubt that stress is a trigger?

Exercise also is a trigger for AF. Clearly having a pacemaker enables a lot of us to be fitter, doing more exercise, and therefore more subjected to the onset of AF.

Any surgical operation on the heart may trigger AF. Having wires pushed around the heart could be seen to be one such trigger. Medical studies to date have used small study groups and therefore are inconclusive.
The asynchronisation of atria with ventricles, should the pacing not be well adjusted, may cause AF.

The following is from me (liz)
Earlier this year I was having a lot of AF episodes, for some reason I was being paced at 80, my regular heart rate is in the 60s, when I had the pacer clinic stop my being paced at 80, my episodes of AF dropped and I went for almost 4 months without AF where I had been having AF about every 2 weeks.

Does anyone on this site have a pacer and have more episodes of AF?

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