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A-fib and fluoxetine

Posted by DavrosT 
A-fib and fluoxetine
December 29, 2018 08:20AM
Hi guys,

I've been having a lot of health issues lately and they were getting on top of me, so I asked my GP for a bit of help.

He's prescribed me a low dose of Fluoxetine, 1 a day, indefinitely to try and take any edge off the stress and anxiousness I'm experiencing at the moment.

However, unlike I usually do, I hadn't really considered how the drug would interact with my a-fib.

Now, I was successfully ablated last June and have experienced relatively regular PACs/ectopics since then. In the past few days though, I've noticed the ectopics have increased in the mornings but I've also experienced a couple of spells in the last 24 hours were I feel a strange 'warmth' spreading from the centre of my chest outwards, and then my heart will suddenly go into palpitations. No a-fib - yet - and it calms down pretty quickly. But I'm left feeling a little 'off' for a long time afterwards. For instance, I spent most of yesterday with my arms and legs feeling pretty weak.

I've now read the side effects lists online and it appears that most of what I've experienced are common-to-uncommon side effects but not come across the warm feeling in the chest anywhere.

Anybody have any experience with this medication? I'm kind of hoping it's just indigestion or something that I'm getting stressed about and causing myself a slight panic.
Re: A-fib and fluoxetine
December 29, 2018 11:56AM
Actually, a feeling of warmth or heat is listed as an uncommon side effect.
Re: A-fib and fluoxetine
December 29, 2018 01:45PM
Prozac (Fluoxetine) has never given me a issue except some acid indegestion and weight gain. I take 20 mg a day right after my Lunch meal. It takes up to 8 weeks for it to fully work. It has been a life saver for me. I have been able to ween my Benzodiazepine by 2/3. My goal is to totally get off Klonopin then access my Prozac intake. Getting off a Benzo is a slow process.

Fluoxetine actually gave me my life back. With my AFIB + Bladder issues + Chronic Back Pain, My Anxiety and stress were working double time on me. Nothing OTC helped me.
I have been on Prozac T least 18 months. My biggest issue is the dang weight gain. When I swallow air, I put the pounds on but most SSRI drugs cause weight gain.
I also had Low T and getting on top of that has been a really good thing.
Re: A-fib and fluoxetine
December 29, 2018 03:22PM
Crazy how some of us experience side effects but some don't! I don't think the weight gain will be a huge issue with me as I've lost over 3 stone due to my other health probs and I'm having trouble keeping it on!

Makes me wonder whether persevering is the best way.
Re: A-fib and fluoxetine
December 29, 2018 03:23PM
Yeah, saw that this morning myself and the 2 pharmacists I spoke to at different stores today said that it sounds consistent with the listed side effects. As it's something that can take time to properly impact you, im just wondering whether to persevere and maybe these strange side effects can pass or lessen. Will see my GP on Monday!
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