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Benefits of CPAP therapy for treating sleep apnea

Posted by AB Page 
Benefits of CPAP therapy for treating sleep apnea
July 09, 2018 10:29AM
Here's an article about a recent study at the Cleveland Clinic and subsequent publication in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine that says, essentially, the benefits of CPAP therapy in those 60 and older is the same as it is for the younger folks.


Surprising to me was the mention that the therapy improves symptoms of depression.

Here's a quote from the article:


“We know that untreated moderate-to-severe OSA is associated with adverse outcomes, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease, over the long term,” she explains. “Therefore, assuming average life expectancy, older patients are less likely than their younger counterparts to realize some of these health benefits. However, the impact of CPAP on daytime symptoms, mood and quality of life can be measured within weeks of starting therapy. We believe that if we can make these older OSA patients less sleepy, fatigued and depressed, they’ll be more productive and happier and use fewer healthcare resources.”

In a previous study, Dr. Foldvary-Schaefer and colleagues found that treating OSA with CPAP led to better seizure control in patients with epilepsy.

While I'm not in the study's age bracket, I do use CPAP therapy, and I can attest personally to the positive effects I felt within days of starting use.

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