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Life Extension reports on Reversing Acute Stroke and more...

Posted by Jackie 
Life Extension reports on Reversing Acute Stroke and more...
July 07, 2018 12:35PM
The August 2018 issue of Life Extension magazine contains several important and informative reports.

The first - How to Reverse Acute Ischemic Strokes is definitely a must read.

Another report in this same issue is a great summary review of the efficacy of using nattokinase and French maritime pine bark (pycnogenol) “to help prevent the formation of deadly clots and to make clots that do develop more likely to resolve quickly.” Supported by study references.

The important notation being, as we know, “ nattokinase breaks down the main protein found in clots (called fibrin), a well as fibrin precursor, fibrinogen.”

The French maritime pine bark description lists five beneficial, preventive actions for thrombosis prevention, including reducing platelet aggregation which inhibits clot formation. While the article focuses on Deep Vein Thrombosis… the details of clot prevention confirm the natural therapies that have been mentioned in many posts here on natural preventive steps to help keep us clot free. Again, study references included.

Title: Lethal Dangers of Sitting Too Long.

Re: Life Extension reports on Reversing Acute Stroke and more...
July 09, 2018 10:13PM
Thanks for posting this Jackie, great info. I do read Life Extension Magazine and like Life Extension supplements.

As I posted elsewhere in the forum last month Lumbrokinase for Clot Risk Prevention, the fibrinolytic activity of the more recently developed lumbrokinase is far superior to that of nattokinase: Townsend Letter "on a milligram to milligram basis, the fibrinolytic strength of lumbrokinase is about 30-fold stronger than nattokinase."

Nothing wrong with using both of them though!

It may seem strange that Life Extension didn't mention Lumbrokinase in the piece until one recalls that most of their articles are actually product advertisements. In this case, the Lethal Danger of Sitting Too Long article is an advertorial for their Venoflow supplement, which contains exactly the two ingredients mentioned in the article: nattokinase and pycnogenol. Life Extension makes no products as far as I know that include Lumbrokinase (they sell one on their website by another manufacturer) which might be the reason that it wasn't featured in the article.
Re: Life Extension reports on Reversing Acute Stroke and more...
July 10, 2018 01:11PM
Hi David - Yes.. there is definitely proof that lumbrokinase is powerful for this use as well...and this is not new news by a long shot. Lumbrokinase has been used successfully by many for years. Yes... Lumbrokinase under the label of Nutricology is available through Life Extension... but I'm not sure why the report didn't reference it.... even if it isn't their own label. One would think for an informative report for health and safety, all the options would be covered.

However, as a side note, Lumbrokinase is typically more expensive than the other options of a true nattokinase enzyme or the Maritime Pine Bark Extract aka pycnogenol. The good news is that the Lumbrokinase and Pycnogenol can be used by those with soy sensitivities or outright allergies and still have save, effective protection.

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