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Ablation doctor

Posted by jennifer92151 
Ablation doctor
July 06, 2018 02:29PM
My AFIB has increased in frequency and I have a consultation with a cardiologist. This is just a consultation. I am not jumping in to anything yet. Can someone point me to a post or report about how to choose an EP?
Re: Ablation doctor
July 06, 2018 02:53PM
You want a very high volume center, with a very high volume EP. Be certain he/she will do the ablation, not a fellow!!! If you are in the US my number one pick would be Andrea Natale in Austin - he's worth the travel! <[tcaheart.com] Second would be someone who trained under him.

Outside the US, I'd choose Jais or Hocini in Bordeaux Fr
Re: Ablation doctor
July 06, 2018 09:34PM
Agree with George. The most important question you should ask is how many ablations do you perform per year, and for how many years? What you want to hear is at least hundreds per year and for 10 years or more. A total in the thousands is what you're looking for. Pass on anyone who can't meet those standards.
Re: Ablation doctor
July 07, 2018 07:52AM
More specifically, how many complex, left atrial ablations have you done? Simpler, right sided flutter ablations should not be used to pad ones statistics when it comes to AF ablation.
Re: Ablation doctor
July 11, 2018 11:11AM
I saw the cardiologist today. He does not keep track of how many ablations he has done. He does about 100 a year, for 10 years. It would be him who does the surgery, not a fellow. He was very personable - sees no hurry for mine because the flecainide is controlling it right now. If I start getting episodes again I can call and schedule it. I am going to look into what my insurance will pay for an ablation at a bigger center.
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