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blood work for clotting time

Posted by jennifer92151 
blood work for clotting time
June 30, 2018 04:31PM
I just posted about a tick bite that caused severe dehydration and the onset of much more frequent episodes of afib than I had been having before. I am taking nattokinnase and have not started eliquis yet and am trying to decide. I had blood work done a couple of days ago for clotting times, but I don't know how to interpret the results.
Re: blood work for clotting time
June 30, 2018 05:20PM
How would a tick bite cause dehydration? I live in an area rife with ticks and I do a lot of hiking, so I've been bitten by ticks probably over a hundred times. Other than a little localized inflammation at the bite site, I've never experienced any sort of symptoms whatsoever from a tick bite, and certainly not an increase in afib. Dehydration is a powerful trigger for afib, so if your afib is worse it's likely due to the dehydration rather than the tick bite.
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