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Use of Rutin to prevent clots

Posted by jpeters 
Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 03, 2018 01:10AM

Found it in Trader Joe's Synergistic Vitamin C Complex.

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Re: Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 03, 2018 01:36AM
Interesting article. Thanks. Not something I'd advise giving up your anticoagulant for but it sounds promising.
Re: Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 03, 2018 12:25PM
Interesting. My mother read about Rutin in Prevention magazine in the 80’s.
It was used to prevent nose bleeds. Supposedly it helps strengthen blood vessels.
Our family were predisposed to nose bleeds.
I have used Rutin since then to prevent nose bleeds.
It really works great for this.

I knew a guy who was having major nose bleeds.
They disrupting his life. He even quit dating because of them.
I told him about Rutin. When I ran into him again a few years later, he thanked me and said the Rutin had changed his life!

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Re: Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 03, 2018 03:01PM
The bioflavonoid Rutin is used to help prevent free radical damage.. or oxidation – think ‘rusting of tissues’ making them dry and fragile… so rutin can help with maintaining tissue integrity. It’s often included in combination with Quercetin and other bioflavonoids/antioxidants. Some say it may have anticlotting properties as well.
See also: [www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov]

If you aren’t required to use a Rx anticoagulant, then for natural blood thinners that have been safe and proven useful for a long time, consider the fibrinolytic enzymes such as lumbrokinase, nattokinase, and serrapeptase.

This website offers a brief review of the properties of each.

Arizona physician, Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H), President, Gordon Research Institute, has written about using Lumbrokinase (Boulouke) ® for many years to prevent adverse clotting in his patients. I believe he’s mostly retired now, but he was a staunch advocate for managing hyperviscosity safely and effectively with this natural fibrinolytic.

My long history and experience is mostly with nattokinase but I have used the others mentioned as well. There is more detail on Nattokinase in Conference Room Sessions…39 and 40 at these links - FYI.

Re: Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 06, 2018 09:05AM
Sounds like a good alternative to me. Rutin is also used to shrink hemorrhoids by increasing circulation. Good bet it works for other circulation issues.
Re: Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 07, 2018 05:18AM
Wouldn't raw vegetable juice*/smoothy be the way to go (high in rutin)?

Generally, i feel that veg juice*/smoothy is better than a hand full of supplements.

*incorporating at least a good part part of the pulp into the juice.
Re: Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 07, 2018 10:57AM
Hi Joe - I agree with you about the veggie smoothie as long as the veggies are organic.
Otherwise, the pesticide residues can 'undo' the significant benefits as the body has to work to
process and attempt to detoxify plus many toxic residues are retained and accumulate in the body
causing other problems. The pulp also provides important fiber.

The potassium content is also important although some afibbers need to be careful with potassium intake as it can bring on AF when levels get too high.

Everyone is individually unique in what they require and tolerate so it pays to be aware.

Re: Use of Rutin to prevent clots
June 07, 2018 12:07PM
Unpeeled, organic apples is a good source.
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