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Sick Sinus Syndrome

Posted by AnneC 
Sick Sinus Syndrome
May 29, 2018 10:54PM
Hi all,

In addition to paroxysmal afib (vagal) & bradycardia l have been told by my EP that l most likely have early sick sinus syndrome (l assume all these conditions are inter-related). I have started a supplementation regimen which includes 1000 mg of magnesium as well as taurine & potassium. However, l remember reading somewhere in one of these threads (can't find it now) that too much magnesium can be counterproductive if sick sinus is present.

Any thoughts on this, or on other supplements & sick sinus? Can you point me to any literature on the topic?

As always, thanks for any input!

Kind regards,

Re: Sick Sinus Syndrome
May 30, 2018 03:11PM

I have posted on this in the past. My diagnosis was similar to yours, and the advice was ablation and/or pacemaker. I was strongly advised not to supplement with Mg at the levels often recommended here as it has a calcium channel blocking effect, which is problematic with bradycardia (including the brady phase of sick sinus). Subsequently, I stopped all supplements except for 200 mgs Mg, and started to feel better in certain ways although the afib persisted. I then moderated exercise by cutting back on the running component, and moderated eating by reducing intake versus specialized diets, with the exception of cutting out dairy. I have reduced my BMI to the low end of the normal range, and I now have no observable abdominal bloating. My afib has been in complete remission for going on 2 years now.

I would also point out that my afib may have been somewhat atypical, in that although it started with less than monthly sub-30 minute episodes, it progressed to multiple daily episodes of similarly short duration. I never experienced longer episodes. Possibly this variation is less serious and/or more treatable. As for the sick sinus symptoms, I now seem to just have a fairly slow resting HR (45 BPM) which responds normally to increased physical effort.

I make no recommendations and I am just relating my experience.

Best of luck,

Re: Sick Sinus Syndrome
May 30, 2018 11:00PM
I'd like to see that article also! This year (2018) I began with sinus pausing and some slow rates. I inquired about what would strengthen my sinus node function. You know supplemental treatment often relaxes an easily excitable heart. I can tell you I increased water intake and stopped my mag and taurine. I do take an extended release potassium every few days. My thought was eliminate relaxing effects.
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