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Ablation coming

Posted by Robbiecriss 
Ablation coming
February 13, 2018 06:00AM
New to site. Thanks for putting it together. I have a long history with pvc/pac’s mostly assymptomatic. Last year went to ER twice with Atrial Flutter. I am 61, never been in hospital or had any kind of surgery. Since episodes are coming more frequently cardio recommended ablation. Had to put it off a month so doctor put me temporarily on amiodarone 400mg per day. I was already taking cardizem 300mg per day. While uploading amiodarone, halter detected short bursts of afib. Ablation is scheduled for February 26. According to docs, I am very low risk. Runner, normal weight, non diabetic, etc... They did not put me on blood thinners which seems odd to me. Anyway, I am a bit apprehensive and was just looking for encouragement before this, my first ever, surgery of any kind. Does this seem like normal protocol? What should I do to prepare? Should I be concerned? I am now off the amiodarone and will go off the cardizem two days before surgery. Anyway, thanks in advance for any input.
Re: Ablation coming
February 13, 2018 01:11PM
A couple of thoughts. If you go for an ablation, both issues should be fixed with one procedure. Also want a very experienced ablator (>4000 procedures, in my opinion). Many here make the effort to travel to Austin to see Dr. Andrea Natale, arguably the best in the world. You can PM Shannon, the moderator to have a phone chat about this.

Chronic fitness (high altitude races, topping out over 14,000') was my ticket to afib in 2004 at age 49. While fitness may be good for your heart plumbing (which is debatable when done to excess), it certainly can wreak havoc with the heart's electrical system. After a 2.5 month episode within the first 4 months, I was able to create a program to keep myself mostly in remission. It involved detraining from chronic endurance activity (though I remain very fit), supplementing magnesium to bowel tolerance, 4 g of taurine/day and a couple of grams of potassium supplement per day (in powder as citrate or bicarbonate). I also got the EP to write a script for flecainide to use on-demand to convert myself when I go out of rhythm. I've had to use this on average one time per year for the last 5 years, and it usually converts me in about an hour. I have never had to be ablated.

Re: Ablation coming
February 13, 2018 09:25PM
Anti coagulation (blood thinning) is standard procedure prior to ablation. You need to be clot-free if they’re going to stick catheters in your heart. You’ll stop the oral stuff on the day of your procedure. They will use heparin during the procedure, then you’ll go back to oral anticoagulation right afterwards.

We’ve all done it, it’s normal.
Re: Ablation coming
February 22, 2018 08:17AM

Prior to taking the potassium did you have low plasma potassium? If not I was wondering about the basis for taking it.

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