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got my heartrate checked

Posted by Elizabeth 
got my heartrate checked
January 20, 2018 10:25PM
Since Thrusday A.M. I started getting a high heart rate, I always have the rate around 64, now my heart rate was in the high 80s and the 90s. The rate wasn't going down and I was feeling quite tried, the rate was regular but fast so I thought I might be having a new arrhythmia. No doctor offices open so I went to the hospital because I needed an EKG run. A EKG was run and other tests and I told them to also run a thyroid test as I was getting more Af and I thought I might be hyper, they did.

The results no AF, no other arrhythmias everything was good except for the thyroid, TSH was 7.4 which makes me hypo, T4 a little low as well. It all falls in place, if the thyroid is either too high or low, you can get AF and that explains my fatigue, I didn't realize that my heartrate
would go up like it did however, I probably didn't check my heartrate years ago like I do now

They had me hooked up to a monitor which was taking my vitals, I asked the doctor that came in if he sees any AF at all in the monitor and he said that my pacemaker would not allow any AF because it checks in with the Ventricals and won't let the AF into the ventricals. (I think that is how he said it) so it won't show any AF. Is that so? This was a monitor not the EKG, if that is so perhaps that is why my home monitor doesn't show that I am in AF when I know I am. At least I am very happy that everything else is ok.

Re: got my heartrate checked
January 20, 2018 11:17PM
Congrats it's wasn't AF or Flutter. I suggest taking the EKG to your EP, to show him. The EKG is a more precise diagnostic tool than looking at a Heart Monitor, and your EP way more skilled than the ER Doc.

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Re: got my heartrate checked
January 21, 2018 06:30AM

Pacemaker only sets a floor on heart rate It won't prevent afib. If the PM was set for 60, then your heart rate won't go below that. From what you have said previously, your PM has never prevented afib in the past. In my opinion, the ER doc is mistaken.


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Re: got my heartrate checked
January 21, 2018 02:32PM

I realize a pacemaker won't prevent AF (I sure do), he was saying that the monitor wouldn't show AF because of my pacemaker, actually, I don't know what he was talking about, I didn't pursue it, it wasn't worth it as I was glad that my EKG was ok. It appeared to me that the nurses were smarter than this doctor.

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