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feeling in upper stomach and chest
January 07, 2018 09:20PM
i played golf today and felt pretty good came home did some things and still felt pretty good worked on computer etc. However i sit down
in the recliner and watch tv fall asleep for little time not long and wake up and feel horrible. The feeling i have sort of creates an anxiety that i have
afib however checking it with Kardia unit and blood pressure gauge nothing but i hate to feel crappy like this and like i said creates anxiety and other symptoms.
does anyone else on this line experience this feeling
Re: feeling in upper stomach and chest
January 07, 2018 10:04PM
I'm not sure of your history but because you have a Kardia I assume you have or have had some issues. I have had the anxious feelings you describe including almost a buzzing feeling in my chest. It's hard to pinpoint those types of feelings I do feel like they were heart related but who knows. I have learned there are rhythms that sometimes aren't shown on meters. There are rhythms that require a trained eye. Hopefully you are just feeling anxious
Re: feeling in upper stomach and chest
January 08, 2018 03:31PM
GERD, perhaps?
Re: feeling in upper stomach and chest
January 08, 2018 06:21PM
thanks for you reply Wolfpack and Tsco i appreciate it. I have suffered from some gerd wolfpack and especially when i start coffee and acidic type stuff so i have stayed away form this stuff again and i am taking zantac right now till it gets better and I played golf today felt shaky in morning but when went out and played and after i felt pretty good I think you have to fight through it. However sometimes i dont realize i am almost 72 and i swing pretty hard and still have good flexiblity and hit it pretty far however i think it does have some results on my chest and back at least the feeling. So with the chest and back and gerd and anxious feeling it brings my mind greatly into the picture. I wish that i could just look past these things Thank steve
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