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LAA TEE results after Ablation

Posted by Methan99 
LAA TEE results after Ablation
January 07, 2018 02:40PM
Hi, I just had my TEE and LAA emptying velocity is low (21 cm's). There is mild spontaneous echo contrast (smoke) in LAA. There is no sludge and no thrombus in LAA.
LAA has the so called "Windsock" morphology.

I had this test done in NYU medical center and CD and the report was send to Dr Natales office.
Im still waiting for him to get back to me if I can stop Elequis.

Based on this test I think i will be on Elequis for life.

Re: LAA TEE results after Ablation
January 07, 2018 04:10PM
Hi Mike,

Yep your hunch is right, with an LAA emptying velocity of 21cm/sec that will preclude stopping a blood thinner but you are not necessarily on a blood thinner for life. You will have the option of having LAA Closure, for which LAA isolation patients who have too low a sustained LAA mechanical function on 6 month TEE, are ideal candidates for LAA Closure in most cases.

With a Windsock LAA morphology all the more incentive to close the LAA. The main question now is to have Dr Natale check what he would calculate your CHADS-VASc score plus his assessment of risk after LAA Closure... folks with a CHADS VASC of >2 will often require ongoing OAC drug too, though in some such cases it might well be worth doing both LAA Closure plus a possible half dose of Eliquis or other NOAC to address remaining systemic embolc risk, but nuancing such a combination approach is strictly for you and Dr Natale to sort out.

Those with low systemic stroke risk scores who also have too low LAA mechanical function after LAA isolation can very often still stop blood thinners once successful LAA closure is achieved with either ... Watchman/Amulet - Atriclip/Lariat ... yours truly being a living, breathing example!

It’s certainly worth gaining freedom from all Atrial arrhythmia, even if LAA isolation is required to achieve such a desirable goal. You’ll do fine Mike just follow Dr Natale’s recommendation here going forward and, in the meantime, make absolutely sure you do not miss any Eliquis doses.

Best wishes Mike,


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Re: LAA TEE results after Ablation
January 07, 2018 05:14PM
Thanks Shannon, will let you know once Dr Natale gets back to me.

Re: LAA TEE results after Ablation
January 17, 2018 05:49AM
Yep I',m in the same boat, coming up on my two year touch up ablation with Shannon at my side.

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