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TCAI, what a great experience

Posted by fravi 
TCAI, what a great experience
January 05, 2018 04:04PM
Hello all,
I was here some time ago asking for some references regarding Dr. Josep Brugada, at that time I was in persistent/chronic afib who knows for how long (since I was asymptomatic) and happen to discover the problem in a medical check. Fortunately I was so lucky to received the best advice from some Doctors in the country where I live and also from Shannon and some others in this awesome group.
I am almost 1 1/2 years after my ablation by Dr. Natale, it was a 3 hrs. procedure and knocking on wood have been in NSR ever since. Couple of flutters during the blanking period that required CV but nothing else than that. I went back for a TEE last August (one year after) and in spite of my LAA being ablated but not completely occluded, my EF as well as all my waves were perfectly fine so I was finally put off from all meds, I am only taking one 81mg aspirin per day which really does not bother me at all.
My experience with Dr. Natale and his team has been amazing (almost beyond words), I will do not hesitate for a second if I need a touch up in the future to be ablated by him again. I really do not understand why people with the capacity to afford it, does not consider TCAI as the only possible option.
Anyhow, just to say thank you for such a fantastic forum and keep on doing such a great job of advice and guidance in this journey.

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TCAI, what a great experience
January 05, 2018 05:06PM

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Re: TCAI, what a great experience
January 05, 2018 06:30PM
I agree with you Fravi. I am almost 3 months post ablation with Dr. Natale and consider my choice of him and TCAI as the best possible one. I am within driving distance of Austin but would have flown if necessary.

I also need to thank Shannon for his great advice and support both before and after my ablation.
Re: TCAI, what a great experience
January 06, 2018 01:54PM
My experience was also truly awesome. May 30 th was my first ablation with Dr. Natale in Austin. After four months of some continual flutter episodes I was scheduled for my touch up ablation October 10 th. the procedure only lasted 16 minutes. I have been In NSR ever since. I just completed my 3 month blanking period . The staff at TCAI was excellent. Great Thank you to Dr. Natale. As well as Shannon for all of his support during my two ablations at TCAI.

Take Care Brent
Re: TCAI, what a great experience
January 07, 2018 11:00AM
Could not agree more. I am 3.5 months post my 4th abaltion, 1st with Natale and in NSR since with just a couple little random off beats. Been of betablockers and Flecainide for 1.5 months now neither of which were working anyways pre this abaltion. PAC's and PVC's happening here and there but given I was pretty much stuck in AFIB for last year and have a PLSVC who knows what my " normal" will be.

I'll wear the Holter at the end of March and hope I am done, but if I need a quick touch up I have no worries. Dr. Natale and team gave me my life back when I had all but lost hope!
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