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Newbie Here! Any Help/Thoughts Much Appreciated

Posted by Em Jaye 
Newbie Here! Any Help/Thoughts Much Appreciated
September 26, 2017 11:18AM
Hello All,
On July 10th, 2017 I had a stroke which was attributed to Afib. Fortunately for me it lasted less than a minute and apparently I do not have any neurological deficits from the incident. I've done a fair amount of reading since this episode. I've read about the symptoms and warning signs of Afib and don't recall having any that were described in my readings. Apparently I have Paroxysmal Afib.

I am currently taking the following medications:

I've had Graves disease for almost 25 years and currently take 150 mcg of Synthroid.

I have been advised by two different Cardiologist to take the Flecainide for several months to see if my episodes of irregular heartbeats subsides.

While every patient is different, does this approach seem likely to succeed given the involvement of my thyroid issues?

After all the reading that I've done I'm still unclear as to what I should do. I'm 60 and I'm hoping to not have to be as reliant on medications as I am currently. To ablate or not, Cryo verse RF? Where, when and how. Will supplements help?

Help! Please my head is spinning.

Thank you so very much for any perspective that you are willing to offer.
Re: Newbie Here! Any Help/Thoughts Much Appreciated
September 26, 2017 12:44PM
To begin, I would seek an appointment with a top level electrophysiologist. Dr. Andrea Natale is one, and there are a few others that folks here way more qualified than I can help with.

If you have a an Android or Apple smart phone, you might consider purchasing an AliveCor device, that will give you an instant, live EKG that will evaluate your rhythm. If you see an EP, he/she may want you to wear a 30 day event monitor to aid in determining your afib burden. It sounds like you may be symptom free when you are in an episode? If you find that you are, low-sodium V8 with it's high potassium content helps many folks hearts settle down. Magnesium and taurine are two other supplements that many, myself included, take every day. If you poke around the links on this site you will find a wealth of information regarding afib, supplements and so much more.

I believe that the top level ablationists almost exclusively use RF, though many folks have good outcomes with EP's using cryo. Bottom line though, should you and your EP decide an ablation is right for you, is that he/she be highly experienced, having performed thousands of procedures, and that they are experienced seeking out and ablating areas of electrical activity beyond the pulmonary veins, including the left atrial appendage.

I'm glad that the stroke you had apparently affected you very minimally. There are many folks here that are way more knowledgeable than I am, and I'm sure they'll contribute too. Educating yourself and being proactive about your afib management will help you make the best decisions regarding your care. Good luck :-)
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