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6-month report: all good!

Posted by JKAF 
6-month report: all good!
September 12, 2017 12:06PM
Hey all,

I just wanted to update you on my results, 6 months after my index ablation with Dr. Natale. To make a long story short, all is well! No skips, blips, ectopics, bigeminy, trigeminy, or AF! Thank you to Shannon, Jackie, and George for their encouragement and wisdom during the blanking period.

My result is significant, because I had more than the usual problems during the blanking period--namely, a couple of weeks of continuous bigeminy that started about a month in, and another three weeks of continuous trigeminy that happened right at week 11. So my problems actually continued past the typical "blanking period." Which makes some of the new papers arguing for shortening the blanking period pretty much moot, at least in my mind.

Now, though, it's as if nothing had ever happened. My exercise capacity is back to what it was before the procedure. I've passed a new stress echo (from a new local cardiologist) with flying colors. And, most importantly, I can just live my life, without worrying about whether my heart is going to go crazy on any given evening. Yes, it's a cliche, but I really do have my life back.

I need to note, however, that I continue my lifestyle modifications, dietary changes, and supplements from before. I haven't taken this as a license to sit around, gain 20 pounds on junk food, and throw away the vitamins and minerals. In fact, my magnesium intake is up to 1.4g/day, thanks to advice from George, and I continue The Strategy, as well as high-dose ascorbic acid and other typical supplements. I also eat mainly "clean," whole foods, and minimize simple starches and have eliminated sugar. These are all changes that made me feel better, so I don't see any need to stop.

I will note, however, that I do drink coffee and tea (which were never triggers before) and drink wine and beer (again, before the ablation, it was hard to correlate if these were triggers--if they were, it was delayed, as in 1-3 days afterwards), and also have tried chocolate (which WAS a trigger), cautiously, with no effect.

So, if you're considering an ablation from a true master at the art, I'd say: stop considering and do it. You can play about for years with different supplements, herbals, alternative treatments, etc like I did, or you can just eliminate the problem, once and for all. And, if you're having problems during blanking, take heart: even significant ectopy doesn't mean the procedure has failed. Give it time, perhaps even more time than the typical blanking period.

Thank you again!
Re: 6-month report: all good!
September 12, 2017 09:25PM
That's Great news! Glad that is working out for you, I read your story with interest. So when you say you're back on your supplements, does that include the berberine? I know you had said you thought that was pretty effective, at least for a while...
I read up on it and it said it actually does have anti-arrhythmic properties, as well as significant anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic affect… I have stayed away from all antiarrhythmic drugs due to the potential for them to be a pro arrhythmic, and that has included berberine… Do you think berberine ended up being pro arrhythmic or just started failing to keep the a fib away? In other words, did you notice a correlation between taking it and then having a fib? Did you lose weight on it too?
Sorry for all the questions, that just looks like an interesting compound… Super glad you're doing well!


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Re: 6-month report: all good!
September 13, 2017 09:37AM
Thanks for the great update Jason!

And smart guy to continue on with and the improved dietary, life style improvements and supplements you have found useful! Completing an 'expert ablation process' is most often the key element in successful durable recovery of NSR in our long collective experience, but staying dedicated to cleaning up one's diet and doing your best to establish and maintain good electrolyte repletion while avoiding junk food is often the other flip side of the coin for long term success. And, anecdotally, I have clearly seen a markedly easier and smoother overall experience well past the blanking period, in general, from those who do continue to embrace both halves of our comprehensive and truly holistic protocol combing the 'best' of functional/integrative medicine with the best of Electrophysiology when tackling a condition as complex and stubborn as is AFIB.

Wishing you continued NSR Jason,

Re: 6-month report: all good!
September 13, 2017 07:09PM
Great news Jason,

Continued NSR to you!!!
Re: 6-month report: all good!
September 13, 2017 07:23PM
Hello Jason - So very pleased for your successes and that you have managed some of the risk factors. Now, continue to enjoy your peaceful heart.

Best to you,
Re: 6-month report: all good!
September 16, 2017 11:22AM
Congrats, I look forward to reporting the same one day. 4th ablation (1st with Natale) upcoming this Friday.
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