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Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?

Posted by tvanslooten 
Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 06, 2015 12:04AM
I'm sure you're all aware of Dr. Carolyn Dean, the magnesium expert and author of the Magnesium Miracle. She developed a magnesium product called ReMag, or is heavily involved with the product. I have been taking it but I don't know if it really works or not. What I can tell you is that when I had my last afib episode, I downed 1,000mg of it. If I did that with any other form of magnesium I would literally be pooping liquid if you know what I meaneye popping smiley I didn't even pass gas. It was either completely absorbed or it's just water...lol.

I contacted them via their website and the customer support was phenomenal. The rep told me that the product is so effective that some doctors are giving this to their patients in place of IV administration of magnesium. She also sent me some research on the product. Apparently it is the only oral magnesium product that provides 100% absorption on a cellular level.

I'd love to hear from some of the magnesiume experts here on what their opinion is of the product. I respect Dr. Dean so if she's behind it, I have to believe it's legit but what do I know. I know magnesium glycinate is considered the best form but according to this company, it's still not 100% absorbed like ReMag is.

Here is a link to their site:

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 06, 2015 09:44AM
Travis - It could well be. If it works for you, then that's the one for you. The label says the magnesium is the chloride version and for some people, that may be too harsh for their stomach as that's the reputation of chloride compounds.

A liquid version is a nice alternative from swallowing capsules, although I really like the chelated magnesium powder.

As I said in the previous thread, whatever works... Let us know your experiences after taking it for some length of time.
Always interested in new approaches.


Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 06, 2015 10:32AM

I'm not a chemist, but I'm not sure how you make "picometer" magnesium vs. just dissolving magnesium in water. It says 50,000 ppm, which is a fancy way of saying 5% (50,000/1,000,000). On their label it says 150mg mag/ 1/2 tsp. 1/2 tsp is about 2.4644 ml so 150/2.4644 = 60.9 mg mag/ml solution. In this document <[arthritistrust.org] they talk about making a solution of 25 g MgCl2 per liter of water. They say this solution would have 500 mg mag/125 ml or 4 mg mag/ml. So the picometer mag would be 15 times more concentrated. I drink a solution about twice as concentrated from magnesium chloride as nigari. If it works for you, I'd use it!

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 06, 2015 11:51AM
I reached out to Dr. Dean and surprisingly she responded within a couple hours. I asked her how her product compared to magnesium glycinate. Here was her response:

"ReMag is something I developed because I couldn't get enough magnesium to treat my own heart palpitations and leg cramps without getting the laxative effect. Most mags are only maximum 20% absorbed. ReMag is 100% absorbed and has no laxative effect. I have attached an ebook about the product as well that might answer your questions."

I don't know how to attach documents here so I just uploaded the ebook she sent me to my own website. You can read the ebook about the product here (the link provided is to the PDF). It's a 129 page ebook but the first few pages are about the product itself. The rest of the book is about magnesium and all the things it can potentially treat.


It all sounds good but I'm not smart enough when it comes to chemistry to know if this is "real" or just marketing hype.


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Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 06, 2015 02:05PM
How does this compare to just drinking the "Waller Water" Mg water as described on this site. I am drinking 3L of this water which suplies 125mg of Mag per Liter, so that comes out to 375mg of Mag/day. If I don't get the laxative effect I'm thinking that I am absorbing that amount?, or at least absorbing a good share of it. For me I don't see needing a concentrated form, unless I was traveling.
Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 06, 2015 10:03PM

Thanks for posting! I might try some. Since I take ~4g/day of mag given there is estimated to be 24-30 g of mag in the body (and over half of that is in the bones), I must be urinating a of my mag out. If her picometer mag would be absorbed in the cells better, it might be interesting.

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 06, 2015 10:31PM
George if you try it let us know how it goes. Like I said, I've been taking it for a few weeks now but I have no idea if it's really absorbing or not. It has ZERO laxative affect no matter how much you take. I took 1,000mg of it at once and it didn't affect me at all as far as the laxative affect goes. I don't know if that means it's 100% absorbed or if the product isn't what it says it is. This magnesium stuff still confuses me!

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 07, 2015 12:24PM
Anti- The WW offers the magnesium bicarbonate ion for transport...

The magnesium form you get from the WW (while excellent) may still not be enough to optimize your IC stores and overall requirement for magnesium. 375 mg is a very small number when compared to the typical doses needed for IC optimization....yet the efficiency of delivery may be key point.

--When consumed, magnesium bicarbonate rapidly enters body cells. This occurs because magnesium is an
intracellular element and magnesium functions as a bicarbonate co-transporter into cells.

-- Magnesium dissolved in water (ionized), as in WW, is considerably more ‘bio-assimilable’ than the magnesium in most solid tablets or capsules.

See this post for an explanation. (my response to Smackman) [www.afibbers.org]

Short of having the Exatest, it's difficult to know for sure the intracellular level is in the optimal range.

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 08, 2015 01:13PM

I have actually been drinking 1-2L of the "Waller Water" with a concentration of 200mg/L which is higher than the 125mg/L in the recipe. Is there anything wrong with drinking a higher concentrated solution as long as I don't get the Laxative effect?
Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 08, 2015 06:54PM
Anti - I don't see a problem with a more concentrated intake. I have been drinking some of the WW concentrate to be sure I maintain tissue alkalinity for a number of years. Just as a precaution, though, I should mention it would be good to be do a formal monitoring of your tissue pH so you don't become too alkaline. You can get pH strips to easily check that with the first urine sample of the day.

Even though I drink the WW exclusively and some of the concentrate and take an abundance of supplemental magnesium daily, a couple of years ago with the Exatest, I was still in the low range for magnesium.... so just a reminder that if you are still having AF with your Mg protocols, you should look to the other nutrients that are involved with the production of heart energy to maintain the proper voltage.. which would include all of the other electrolytes measured by the Exatest plus the nutrients discussed in The Strategy ... CoQ10, Carnitine, d-ribose and of course, magnesium... The Awesome Foursome ala Cardiologist, Stephen Sinatra... in his very useful book and guide, The Sinatra Solution - Metabolic Cardiology.

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 09, 2015 08:09AM
Have been using Willard Water (the Dark XXX) for past two years. Does anyone know what form of magnesium WW provides and how much? I drink only WW, between 2.5 and 3 L per day.

Also, read about magnesium threonate last week. Any info on that?


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Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 10, 2015 12:13PM

I finally got through Dr. Dean's document you posted above.

A couple of things of note.

1) Dr. Dean doesn't slam all other forms of mag and promote her pico. She's not high on the oxide form, just because of the low absorbtion (however I just talked to a friend who uses mag to control cramping and arrythmia {PAC's not afib} and oxide is her primary mag at 3g/day {1g 3x/day} - she uses magnesium oil topically when she's hiking in the summer - the mag oil is made as a super saturated solution of nigari <[www.naturalimport.com] )

2) Dr. Dean has arrrthymia herself and uses mag to control it.

3) Dr. Dean got involved in creating the pico product because she could not consume enough mag to control her symptoms without bowel tolerence issues & the pico product solved that issue (and prior to that an angstrom form of mag - like the pico, just less concentrated).

4) She mentions two issues for absorption a) throught the intestine and b) through the cell wall.

5) One case study struck home. A kidney dialysis patient was having issues with mag buildup "Susan started taking magnesium citrate before she consulted me. She took about 700mg a day because she had classic magnesium deficiency symptoms. She quickly began to feel welcome relief once she went on the magnesium citrate. A week later, however, her condition worsened. She started to become very weak, nauseous, sleepless and suffered horrible headaches. She felt awful. Her nurse ran a blood test and found that her magnesium levels were dangerously high. (Again, if your kidneys work Bine, this will not happen to you. Magnesium is one of those minerals that will be released by your kidneys and your bowels when there is too much.) jBut Susan wasn’t really taking all that much magnesium—only 700mg—less than she probably needed. When she consulted me, I suspected that her body cells were not absorbing all the magnesium citrate. The rest was left circulating in the blood stream, unable to pass through her kidneys into her bladder. I immediately took her off the magnesium citrate. All her symptoms went away in a few days.
We then tried Pico-Ionic magnesium. Several days later she felt much better, had no more magnesium deficiency symptoms and a week later her blood work showed that her magnesium levels were Bine—no excess build-up."

The later struck home with me as I consume 4-5g/day of mag and am obviously urinating most of that out. So the mag I consume gets absorbed in the gut, but most likely not (much) in the cells. It works well enough to keep me in NSR, however that dosen't mean the pico mag might not work better.

6) Dr. Dean has also experienced and seen topical mag oil (supersaturated solution of magnesium chloride and water) work as it dosen't cause bowel issues. It would still likely have the the cell absorption problem, you could just raise the serum levels higher without loose stools.

In summary, I think I will order some and see what happens.

Thanks for posting this.

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
February 11, 2015 08:51AM
George - thanks for summarizing the Dean report. As you indicate, the absorption of magnesium all boils down to whether it can make it through the intestinal portals (first) and then whether the cell receptor sites allow it to pass into the cells themselves where it functions to help with arrhythmia.

This report is a good reminder about magnesium supplementation and the potential problems if one does not have adequate or healthy kidney function. That's always been a warning for magnesium supplementation.... don't use if kidney function is impaired. Of course, many people don't know that until they start experimenting with supplemental magnesium so it's a good idea to know by medical evaluation about the status of one's kidney function.

Some years ago, one of the afibber's reported the only way they could achieve the IC magnesium levels was with Intramuscular injections which certainly isn't easily available to most people... so if this pico product helps those who have absorption issues, it certainly is worth trying.

I'll be interested in your experiment.

Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
March 03, 2015 12:09PM
It just seems to me that almost all of the Mag you see is oxide, which happens to be the cheapest cost to produce...and that is what is hyped with this product....why wouldn't Dr. Dean's use the Glycinate form...known to be the most effective? Sounds like a sales pitch to me.
Re: Is This The Greatest Magnesium Product Available?
April 07, 2015 02:43PM
Any follow up on this? Do people respect Dr. Dean in general here on this board? I just learned about her from somewhere else, and wondered what you guys thought about her.
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