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These New GMOs Are Flooding the “Natural” Market

Posted by Todd 
These New GMOs Are Flooding the “Natural” Market
December 28, 2018 01:30AM
A new type of genetically modified product is now being slipped into your food, cosmetics, and more! Many products containing the new genetically modified ingredients are being marketed as ‘made without GMOs’ and ‘natural’ although they are anything but! Luckily, a cutting-edge list has been compiled which shows consumers exactly which products contain these new GMO ingredients. Watch the video below to learn more about the dangers of these new products that are flooding the food, cosmetic, and various other industries!
Re: These New GMOs Are Flooding the “Natural” Market
December 28, 2018 11:56AM
Todd - Very important web link. Thank you!!!

Jeffrey Smith, who has been in the trenches for years on the risks of GMOs, speaks in this link you've provided, and you can certainly track his reporting record online to verify that he really knows all about this.

The reference link.. [www.synbiowatch.org] is mind-boggling for detail. Excellent.

Happy New Year in advance.

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