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Sticker Shock With Canned Salmon !!!!

Posted by Todd 
Sticker Shock With Canned Salmon !!!!
December 26, 2018 08:14AM
I went to Walmart the other day getting groceries, and when i went to get some canned salmon it was major sticker shock.
$5.43 a can for Double Q canned salmon.It is $4.53 on there website. From middle Ga. area.
The house brand was not on the shelves at the time.
Looks like a shortage according to this website.

Why the Price Increase in Canned Alaska Salmon
Pure Alaska Salmon Company, LLC, greatly regrets the need for our price increases. The increases honestly reflect our increased costs, and these increased costs are due to a substantial shortfall in the 2018 Alaska salmon catch. Contributing to this shortfall is an ever increasing global demand for fresh or frozen Alaska salmon.
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