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Posted by Joe 
December 08, 2018 05:22PM
Probably not related to AF - at least i hope so. However, retroviruses can and do affect heart disease.


Most of it is well over my pay grade but what i understand makes it very disturbing
Re: Retroviruses
December 08, 2018 09:42PM

Thanks for the link, I watched most of it the doctor is great, smart as a whip and has gone through a lot. I am going to get her book "Plague'. She says that the Science news is fake just like the media is, a lot of these studies that come and are used to support peoples arguments are not necessarly for real. I don't trust doctors and I don't trust a lot of things that are being even said on our AF board when they use these studies to support their claims.

Re: Retroviruses
December 09, 2018 01:45AM
Agree, Liz. Difficult to judge for lay people when money/business is at stake.
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