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Breathing problems out of the blue

Posted by DavrosT 
Breathing problems out of the blue
July 12, 2018 03:04PM
Hi guys, been away from the boards for a month or so and I'm coming up to over a year since my ablation.

In the meantime though, I seem to have been suffering all manner of different problems. With the most recent being shortness of breath.

Woke up Sunday morning to feeling slightly tight across my chest, with a sort of 'catch' in the back of my throat. I've had it before and put it down to having high blood pressure (which I do). At that time, I hadn't taken my meds for 2 days. So I took one and my breathing improved. The next day, it was fine again.

This time though, it seems different. I did the same thing on Sunday, but by Monday my breathing was worse. Went to A&E, which wasn't hard as I work in the same hospital. They triaged me and because I wasn't in any pain or discomfort just rang my GP and made me an appointment. Saw the practice nurse, who checked my chest, BP, breathing, lung capacity and prescribed 5 days of steroids and an inhaler. Said to return in 2 weeks and return sooner if it gets worse.

Now, it hasn't become worse since starting the meds. But it has only slightly improved. I've had hardly any sleep since Sunday, as I'm jumping myself awake with my breath catching and any sort of exertion (i.e. I stupidly went for a run earlier) leaves me feeling like I'm being hugged by a bloody gorilla.

The inhaler helps a little, but it also gives me the shakes and makes my heart thud in my chest. Likewise, the steroids have a similar effect.

I have no allergies, that I know of. And the only thing I did differently this weekend to most is that I had 4-5 beers (normal bottles) on Saturday night. Didn't go overboard and have never had a problem with alcohol.

I had assumed it was just a random occurrence and the meds/inhaler would resolve the situation and it'd be mostly forgotten about in a few weeks but this just feels very.. odd.

Anybody had a similar experience? For the record, I've never had asthma before and I've recently turned 37. I'm in good health, have lost 15-16 pounds since last year and I walk/run a lot usually so I'm not an unfit or unhealthy person.
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