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Four Weeks Post-Bordeaux Ablation

Posted by Sam 
Four Weeks Post-Bordeaux Ablation
July 10, 2018 05:36AM
I felt pretty good after leaving the hospital and looked forward to telling you the considerable progress I had made in the next four weeks. Sadly that is not the case as I'm feeling considerably worse.

A I mentioned in another post constipation leading to impaction started from the day of the operation; presumably from the morphine. As a result of this (presumably) I gradually felt worse. It lasted two weeks until Laxido solved the problem; only to be followed by extreme diarrhea. This was worse as it meant I wasn't getting the nutrients I should have from my food and probably likewise from supplements and medication.

Fortunately a psyllium supplement stopped this in 2/3 days though it caused a touch of the opposite problem again for a few days. Normal movements returned yesterday.

At present I can do very little, including walking, without a buildup of pressure and discomfort in the chest.

Of course side effects of Pradaxa, Flecainide and Lansoprazole could also be playing a part.

Hopefully I'll be able to come back in another four weeks with a more positive report.
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