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Osteo Arthritis

Posted by Doug S. 
Osteo Arthritis
May 25, 2018 03:33PM

I have battled afib for years, which is how I got to this excellent website. And noticed that there is a general health forum as well, so thought I might ask about my current number one concern, arthritis.

About a year ago, my little finger on my right hand started to swell and become painful. Hasn't gotten much worse (although it's not really useable anymore), but for the last few months my other fingers have become sore, especially the first joint in from the finger nail. I have been to my GP and a rheumatologist, and they say it's osteo arthritis. Doesn't sound like there's much they can do about it except pain control and NSAIDS which upset my stomach.

I've tried a few dietary things, without success. I took gluten and night shade vegetables out of my diet for 5 weeks. I tried MSM for about 2 months, full recommended dosage. For the last 10 days I have been taking a supplement from AOR called Curcumin Ultra which also contains turmeric extract.

Someone has recommended cutting way back on carbs. As a pasta lover, this would be tough, but something I would entertain.

At 66, it's no huge surprise that I'm getting arthritic, but it's really starting to limit what I can do with my hands.

Any advice or personal experience would be appreciated.
Re: Osteo Arthritis
May 26, 2018 09:52AM
Hi Doug - I have some tips for you.... stand by. Busy weekend. I'll post again soon.
Re: Osteo Arthritis
May 27, 2018 09:58AM
Doug - Consider using the homemade version of Waller Water... magnesium bicarbonate water... for the alkalizing property. Arthritis is typically linked to an acidic tissue pH. It can't hurt to try it and is very inexpensive and overall beneficial. You should always be sure to stay well-hydrated with pure water, too.

Additionally, there is a targeted nutritional supplement called ArthroSoothe - made by Designs for Health produced for medical practitioners. There are good reports on the efficacy.

Go here... view the product ingredients and perhaps... selectively use some of the key components well known to offer relief from arthritis such as... MSM, Boswellia, Tumeric, Cetyl Myristoleate, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen....
Or, better yet.... just try a bottle for a month or two to see if it helps.[www.rockwellnutrition.com]

These ingredients are known to help correct the underlying issues causing many arthritic complaints.
I have access to the product data sheet on the product if you want to read more detail. Send me a PM with your email address and I can forward to you.

There is also another similar product that contains Cyplexinol which is well known to have Tissue Regeneration Factors that help keep everything functional. That's covered in the product data sheet.

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