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Posted by wolfpack 
February 01, 2018 10:55AM
I hadn't heard about this supplement - believe it or not - until it was mentioned by a veterinarian for possible use in a horse (imagine the cost of that!).

A quick study shows it is indicated in cases of depression or fibromyalgia (neither of which I have). What else can it do? Does anyone have experience with it? Would it be used in addition to milk thistle or as a replacement for it? Any bad side effects?

I'm thinking of trying it on myself first before figuring out how to administer 2000mg/day to a 600lb animal.
Re: SAM-e
February 01, 2018 01:06PM
SAMe has been around for a long time. Useful to help in the lowering of Homocysteine. Obviously, for the horse, it would be the joint support. Everyone should know if their homocysteine is elevated.

Here are a couple clips on the function of SAMe from supplement companies... FYI

Joint & Mood Support
Clinical research shows that SAMe elevates mood and has a positive effect on behavior. It also maintains cartilage health and contributes to the production of joint supporting compounds such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin. Enteric coated for maximum bioavailability. (Natural Factors)


Versatile nutrient supports mood regulation, joints, and liver function.

An impressive amount of research and long history of clinical use documents the benefits of SAMe. As a modulator of cell membrane fluidity and neurochemical activity in the central nervous system, it helps support mood and optimal brain function

The sulfur in SAMe is used to help build cartilage and strong joints and for synthesis of taurine and glutathione, used in liver detoxification processes.

SAMe also helps synthesize polyamines required for normal cell growth.

The reactive nature of SAMe prevents it from being used in combination nutrient products, but it can be stabilized as a single ingredient with careful manufacturing and an enteric tablet coating. This product provides a pharmaceutical grade, stabilized SAMe manufactured under low temperature and low humidity conditions. An enteric tablet coating is applied to further ensure a biologically active product. (ProThera, Inc)

SAMe is a naturally occurring metabolite found in the human body as well as in plant and animal foods. It is the most active of all methyl donors and has been compared to ATP in its importance for the body. SAMe is naturally synthesized in humans from the amino acid methionine in the presence of the cofactors B12 and folate.

SAMe is involved in the synthesis of neurotransmitters, the hormone melatonin, phospholipids, and polyamines, which control cellular growth. It is also the source of methyl groups inside the nucleus for DNA methylation, which controls gene expression and masking of genetic damage.

These capsules provide 200 mg of SAMe along with vitamins B6, B12, and folate as 5-MTHF in order to provide cofactors for the natural conversions of SAMe to L-homocysteine and then safely to L-cysteine.
(Designs for Health)

(Life Extension)

Product Overview/Description
Supports Joints and Emotional Well-Being
Dietary Supplement

SAMe has multiple mechanisms of action that are used throughout the body

Brain and Mood
SAMe boosts brain cell methylation and facilitates youthful DNA enzymatic actions. These enzymatic actions are required for the healthy conversion of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and seratonin and may account for SAMe's mood-elevating properties. SAMe also helps maintain acetylcholine levels which are necessary for cognitive function.

Liver and Detox
In order to perform its detoxification role, the liver continually performs large numbers of complex enzymatic reactions. SAMe facilitates healthy methylation enzymatic processes and boosts hepatic levels of glutathione, a critical antioxidant.

SAMe may help to ease inflammation and can support healthy joint mobility and function without side effects.
Suggested Use

Take one (1) tablet two to six times daily in divided doses, preferably on an empty stomach, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner. Take with co-factors vitamins B12, B6, and folic acid.


This clip from retired Neurosurgeon, Russell Blaylock, MD, who now devotes his time to nutritional research.

Homocysteine is a unique amino acid utilized in the metabolic pathway for DNA maintenance and for the formation of a special substance called S-adenosyl methione (SAM-e) used in many cellular reactions. The conversion of homocysteine for these reactions requires three vitamins: Pyridoxine (B6), folate, and vitamin B12. Even minor deficiencies can result in dangerous elevations in homocysteine. (page 35)
Health and Nutrition Secrets that can save your life by Russell L. Blaylock, MD. (C2006).
Re: SAM-e
February 01, 2018 02:55PM
Thanks, Jackie.

Actually the DVM suggested it for liver enzymes as an alternative to milk thistle, since the pony is allergic to ragweed. We are trying milk thistle now, but I'm intrigued by the SAMe because she does have terrible problems with her stifle joint (that's kind of like our knee). Of course, SAMe costs more.

My main worry is indigestion, which is why I might try it myself first. Horses have no reverse peristalsis ability so when they get "upset tummies" it has to go the length of their gut. They will lie down and thrash and twist the gut if it's real bad and that's fatal.

Humans - don't worry about all of that! smiling smiley
Re: SAM-e
February 01, 2018 04:30PM
Oh my - That's certainly a significant concern. Glad you are being so cautious for the pony's sake.
I would be as well. I certainly hope you are able to figure out something that's reliably safe and also effective.

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