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PEMF treatment, does it work

Posted by colindo 
PEMF treatment, does it work
January 13, 2018 05:16PM
Has anyone had experience with PEMF treatment?
in particular to pinched nerve pain?
Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 14, 2018 06:16PM
Hi colindo, I have a PEMF machine (iMRS 2000) and I have been using it since April 2016. I use it 3 times a day for 8 minutes each time. It has helped me in the following ways:
* General health: I have more energy and have virtually no aches and pains. I use to just accept the minor pain and stiffness as part of aging and treat it with Tylenol. I do not use Rx for pain relief.
* Lower Back Pain: I had been having two epidural injections, one in L4 and one in L5 every 3 to 4 months for a couple of years for pain (severe). I no longer get injections and I no longer have lower back pain. The diagnosis for my back was degenerative disk disease.
* Neuropathy: I had neuropathy (numbness & pain) in my feet, some in my left thigh and a lot in my right thigh. I no longer suffer from neuropathy.
* Healing: Injuries seem to heal much faster and muscles seem to recover faster from injury. PEMF is often used on race horses. Also, I think some NFL players use PEMF.
* Immunology: I think my immune system is a lot heather. I have not been sick since I started using my machine. Although, I was never really prone to being sick very much.
* Stress: I feel like my stress level has been reduce. I was not really stressed out or taking meds before I got the machine, but, I still feel like I am more stress free.
* Skin: My skin looks and feels much better. Most of the aging spots have gone away or have become lighter in color.

Two of my neighbors had purchased PEMF machines and I purchased mine when I saw the results they received from their machines. Their problems were cardio vascular. One was recovering from heart attacks and the other was trying to recover from veins being relocated from his arm to his leg. The Ejection Fraction for the one who had the heart attack went up enough that it surprised his doctor. The neighbor with circulation problems had the swelling and pain which he had been fighting for a few months pretty much go away.

You may already know, but generally speaking, PEMF works on the body at the cellular level primarily increasing the oxygen in the blood and this allows the body to be better able to take care of itself as it was designed to do. PEMF per say does not fix or cure anything. If these things happen, it is the body and it systems doing their job.

BTY, I am 74 years old and my top priority is staying healthy and mobile. I work out at a gym and play golf. Hope this has been helpful.
Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 14, 2018 06:35PM
Hello BeachBill - Thanks for sharing your information. Can you share ... .brand, model and source you all use?
Could you state the cost? I'd like to investigate a reliable source to recommend to a friend who has multiple pain issues from crushed vertebrae. Acupuncture helps but having equipment at home would be ideal.

Do you also have afib? Just curious as to how you located our website. Oh, sorry. I started reading this section first and just saw your Intro post on the Afibber's side. Welcome. Glad you found us.


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Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 14, 2018 09:41PM
Hi Jackie,
Website: [imrs2000emf.swissbionic.com]
Price: There are 6 packages:
1. $3775 iMRS Wellfit
2. $4695 iMRS wellfit SET
3. $4565 iMRS Complete
4. $5505 iMRS complete SET
5. $5545 iMRS professional
6. $6545 iMRS professional SET

The only difference in the six packages is the software and accessories that are included. It is a little confusing because the product is developed and manufactured in Switzerland so the communication is a little rough. Most of their customers are in Europe and Asia. I have the Professional Set. After looking at the website, if you have any questions about the product or the packages, I'll be happy to help.

Taking into account your friends condition and the desire to control pain, a TENS unit may be the best choice to try. I also have a tens unit that I have had for about 5 or 6 years. I haven't used it since I got my PEMF device but when I did use it, it worked quite well for me relieving pain caused by injury or muscle spasms. There are a lot of different brands of TENS units available and the pricing goes from around $40 to $100+. The device is small and has electrodes you connect to the body. The placement depends on the site of the pain. The device introduces very low current at a specific frequency to the body. It stops the pain by more or less scrambling the pain signal being sent to the brain and hence the brain doesn't decode the pain signal. I mention this device because it is cheap and has a pretty good track record for essentially cancelling out pain. Of course, the down side is that it does nothing to help fix the source of the pain.

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Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 15, 2018 09:10AM
Thank you, Bill...for the detailed response. I appreciate it. I'll pass it along.

Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 15, 2018 02:00PM
Hi Jackie and Bill,

Thank you for your reply's.

I purchased an almag-01 it cost about $500.00 you can get it from [www.drpawluk.com]
I got it for my wife's benefit, she had terrible nerve pain down her shoulder and arm, she had it for about 4 or 5 years, taking pain meds every day, with her kidney function reducing.
I got the almag 01 on trial for 2 weeks, but after only two day, two treatments a day the pain had gone. So I purchased it, now I read that it can help Afib. See [www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov] and [www.drpawluk.com]

Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 15, 2018 07:40PM

Your device doesn't help your AF? I have a pacemaker I wonder if a tens unit would cause any harm to it, I am not depended on it.

Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 15, 2018 09:11PM

Your device doesn't help your AF? I have a pacemaker I wonder if a tens unit would cause any harm to it, I am not depended on it.


My device does have a protocol for AF. I have not tried it. All reports I have read indicate it takes several months (6 to 12) to achieve favorable results with most problems. I don't have a lot of patience (I am working on changing this). It is for this shortcoming that I am not attacking the AF beast with chemicals. Too much like looking for a needle in a hay stack which is time consuming. When I purchased the device it was to help me with the problems I described in the post above. The good news is that it did fix these problems for me. I started noticing positive results at the onset and the results improved over time. After about 3 or 4 months I no longer had the problems and they have not returned. At that time, AF was not a problem for me. Now I am looking forward to the device helping me with my recovery from AF surgery. The device is recognized as helping with recovery from any type of injury or surgery. In addition, it is also recognized for helping mend broken bones, especially the ones that refuse to heal (can't remember what this condition is called). All in all, there are a few hundred protocol for treatment that comes with the device. Also, there is a warning not to use the device's full body mat if you have implanted electrical devices such as pacemakers without a medical doctor's approval. It is OK to use the pad and probe as long as they are not used in the area of the implanted electrical devices or the heart. Otherwise, it is a DIY and there have been no recorded instances where the device has caused harm. The reason for this is because of the low power and frequency of the magnetic fields.

Regarding the TENS device, a small current passes between each pair of electrodes. The electrode placements recommended are specific for where the pain is located. The TENS unit should be OK if the electrodes are not placed in such a manner as to put the electrical implanted device between electrodes.

I feel the need to make it perfectly clear to all who may read my posts that I have no medically training at all. I am simply a retired engineer who is curious and likes doing things for myself and enjoys researching and solving problems. So, it is up to the reader to decide how many grains of salt my opinions are worth.

I wish you nothing but success with handling your medical problem(s) and I will be happy to help in any way that I am able.
Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 16, 2018 02:21PM

Your device doesn't help your AF? I have a pacemaker I wonder if a tens unit would cause any harm to it, I am not depended on it.


You ask a good question about the device and AF. While I waiting to pursue ablation surgery, I am going to use my machine for arrhythmia. It takes 40 minutes a day. If I see what I think are any changes (positive or negative), I will post it. Thanks for the little wake-up.

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Re: PEMF treatment, does it work
February 16, 2018 06:38PM
Bill - That's a great idea. I was thinking about recommending either methods for a person with diabetic neuropathy but was also concerned about the compatibility with afib so I'll be watching for your report.

If there is a negative reaction, then be very aware of that once you do have your ablation procedure.

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