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Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii

Posted by afibbers 
Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii
December 13, 2017 08:59AM
Coleus Forskohlii Anybody ever heard of it?
Dig a little deeper. I just stumbled across it.

Forskolin stimulates and activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase in the heart and smooth muscle. This causes increased production of cyclic AMP (cAMP), which causes calcium channels to open and intracellular calcium concentrations to increase, resulting in increased contractility of heart muscle and relaxation of smooth muscle.3,4,5,6 cAMP is one of the most important regulators of endocrine health, brain chemistry and oxidative metabolism.

A clinical trial in patients with suboptimal heart function found intravenous forskolin significantly promoted diastolic blood pressure within a healthy range without increasing myocardial oxygen consumption; left ventricular function also improved.13 In a similar study, intravenous forskolin given to patients with suboptimal heart function resulted in healthy vascular resistance and left ventricle contractility.

Could it be used as a Blood Thinner?
It is important to note consumers taking anticoagulant or antihypertensive medications should use Coleus with caution, as forskolin could potentiate the effects of those drugs.

Other issues with it.
Breast-feeding: There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking coleus if you are breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.

Bleeding disorders: There is some evidence that coleus might increase the risk of bleeding in some people.

Heart disease: Coleus might lower blood pressure. There is some concern that coleus might interfere with treatment for heart or blood vessel diseases and could make these conditions worse. Use coleus with caution if you have a heart problem.

Low blood pressure: Coleus might lower blood pressure. If your blood pressure is already low, taking coleus might make it drop too much.

Surgery: Coleus might increase bleeding during and after surgery. Stop using coleus at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

[www.curezone.org] 7 yr old post
Re: Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii
December 13, 2017 01:54PM
Afibbers - Coleus has a lot of attributes as a useful herbal. However... note what you listed in the first paragraph about in increase in intracellular calcium and increase in heart muscle contractility. That would not be what afibbers would want to have happen... as we know that 1) calcium influx in heart cells dominates over magnesium.... and heart cells require magnesium to relax. The calcium influx keeps the excitatory factor functional and is certainly not what afibbers need as many are already deficient in intracellular magnesium as part of the fundamental problem.

That same influx of calcium inside neuronal cells such as brain tissue can produce damaging effects there as well. Literature on effects on neuronal dysfunction in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's indicates the a calcium influx is part of the problem...so while for some people, Coleus may be useful, it pays to do research on the potential detrimental effects of too much calcium entering intracellular spaces.

Re: Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii
December 13, 2017 10:13PM
It looks like its marketed to weight loss the most. It sure sounded promising for AF sad smiley
Re: Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii
December 14, 2017 06:07AM

I guess channel blockers like Diltiazem might also to some small degree be preventative against Alzheimers.

Having had twice above top of range IC Ca when I had an Exa test a few years ago, I'm also interested in Ranolazine as preventative against Ca overload intracellularly both for heart and brain. My EP will give me a prescription for Ranolazine and I'm confident - albeit off-ticket - that the reason it has some success as an AAD is due not only to it's Na blocking properties but also - and maybe more so - its late Ca-blocking properties.No ProArr risk with Ranolazine either.

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Re: Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii
December 14, 2017 08:16AM
Hi Mike - Yes, calcium channel blockers offer multiple benefits. I've been working on a summary report that list other benefits for CCBs...and I'll attempt to finalize it soon and post here... hopefully, soon.

Re: Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii
December 15, 2017 02:24AM
Thanks Jackie - look forward to seeing it.
Re: Health Effects of Coleus Forskohlii
January 01, 2018 09:52AM
Hi Mike - I still intend to post on the CCBs... but with the holidays, ran out of focus time.
Now that we are into some serious winter weather, I'll be finalizing soon.
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