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twitching eye lid

Posted by Joe 
twitching eye lid
December 07, 2017 03:37PM
Can't find any info on searchconfused smiley
Had this annoying twitch. Often thought to be due to low Mg but i've taken a supplement for quite some time.
Anyhow, i had a Epson salts bath and the twitch has gone and is still good 12 hours later.
Wonder, is it due to Mg absorption or placibo?
Re: twitching eye lid
December 07, 2017 06:05PM
Hi Joe... Not your imagination or placebo. Eye lid twitches are a sign of Mg deficiency. Actually, quite a handy signal for afibbers because it's very telling that one needs to really push the Mg dosing consistently. The Epsom salts baths and sometimes, even a foot soak with the salts will help very quickly.

Re: twitching eye lid
December 08, 2017 02:12AM
Thanks Jackie!
Re: twitching eye lid
January 26, 2018 08:10PM
Jackie and Joe, my left eye lid has been twitching on and off for the past week.

Jackie, I’ll soak my feet tomorrow. Rubbing in the magnesium spray solution burns my skin. I don’t tolerate the burning very well.
Re: twitching eye lid
January 27, 2018 09:26AM
My Life-Flo burns and itches real bad. I just got some ASUTRA Magnesium oil a couple of weeks ago, that seem to be less irritating. I got it on Amazon.
Re: twitching eye lid
April 12, 2018 04:33PM
I had twitching next to my right eye. I thought it was from using the CPAP mask and it may well have been. But I started using a PEMF therapy mat about a month ago and one of the results was the cessation of the eye twitching.
Re: twitching eye lid
May 24, 2018 07:13AM
Just stumbled across this by chance. I have had left eyelid twitching for about 6 months now, just put it down to stress. At least now I know there's some link with magnesium deficiency..
Re: twitching eye lid
January 03, 2019 02:06PM
I had twitching eyelids for a week or so. I had been taking 800 mg of magnesium for years. Today I sit here and the twitching just went away on its own.
Re: twitching eye lid
January 03, 2019 04:56PM
Interesting! That's why they do placebo controlled double blind trials.
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