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1 year post second ablation

Posted by pammorgan 
1 year post second ablation
November 07, 2017 03:23PM
Dear Forum,
A year ago October 2016 I had my second ablation by Dr. Natale in Texas after 10 years of being afib free. In May of 2017 I had a TEE done in Michigan . Dr. Natale said the LAA did not always pump and I needed to stay on Eloquis. Nurse Curry said I could have another TEE done later to check the function. Has anyone had a second TEE done where it showed full pumping function? I am seeing my cardiologist in December and hoping to ask for another TEE before January when my deductible starts again. I'm 58 years old am getting nervous about long term use of Eloquis. Do you think in the near future the watchman will be available for everyone?
Re: 1 year post second ablation
November 07, 2017 09:43PM

This should be on the AF page because it has a direct message towards AF and you will get more responses. Shannon moved your other post because it didn't deal directly with AF, i can't move your message but you could reprint your message to the AF page.

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