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Posion Ivy

Posted by Elizabeth 
Posion Ivy
July 31, 2017 11:14PM

Has anyone here had a case of Posion Ivy and what did you do to get rid of it. I have a case of Posion Ivy or Poison Oak or maybe Posion Sumac. I have had it for about a week and it won't go away and in fact it is increasing, I went to the doctor today and he said to take Predisone, I filled the script but I really don't like to take it.

Re: Posion Ivy
August 02, 2017 04:29PM
If you have not already looked, checkout Earthclinic. Lots of remedies.[www.earthclinic.com]
Youtube has lots of remedies.I keep something around called IVAREST. I get it at Walmart. It will be in a white plastic bottle with a green top. It puts out a foam. No poison ivey this year, for me, but i use it for other itches etc.
I picked up epielle Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser the other day at BigLots. I put it on some kind of itch, and it worked pretty good.Looks like Walmart sells it too, or a similar brand. With the ability to draw out deep, it may help with your poison ivy. Poison Ivy is an oil to begin with. Detoxify the Poison Ivy oils !!!
Re: Posion Ivy
August 02, 2017 10:38PM
Thanks, that was a very good site--I did try vinegar. I have had this poison ivy for over a week and it is spreading on my legs and on my arms (arms aren't as bad as my legs}, I understand that one can spread it to other parts of the body. I know what poison ivy looks like and I didn't touch it but I must have brushed against it. My neighbor has a rickey fence with all kinds of vines, some of which are poison ivy, I try to mow as close to that fence as I can to keep his crap on his side but it is getting worse. There are tree limbs coming over the fence, I am going to hire a crew to take down the limbs and some trees and as many vines as they can get on my side. The vines are climbing on everything, it is bad, I used to be friends with those neighbors, I gave them a lot of produce from my garden, berries and fruit trees. I would like to get a bulldozer and knock that fence down and all of vines and poison ivy.

Re: Posion Ivy
August 06, 2017 09:06AM
Goats love to eat Poison Ivy. The morning news had a guy with a herd of goats that clears land, and they talked about them eating poison ivy. Maybe you can rent some to do some of that clearing / cleanup.
Google search on it. [www.google.com]
Looks like video's to.

Google around with urushoil It is the oil in poison ivy/oak/sumac.

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Re: Poison Ivy
September 26, 2017 04:13AM
Bulldozer won't help, the vine will spring right back up from the smallest root. And incidentally the roots are as full of urushiol as any other part of the plant. Same rash from any contact.

What i do about poison ivy rash at the first itching welt is to heat it up either with hot water as hot as you can stand to put your hand in, or, with body parts that cannot be immersed in near-scalding water, use the low heat from a handheld hot air hair dryer, not the higher setting because it feels so good to stop that itch that you may burn yourself before you realize what you are doing.

Best of luck with it, Liz. Judging from the time your first post was made, time will have cured it by now, but i hope this post will be some help to you.

Re: Posion Ivy
October 27, 2017 09:20AM
Yes, goats eat poison ivy and most everything else but remember they also rub it on their fur and like to be petted. It could easily spread from contact with the goats.
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