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Waller Water Dosage

Posted by mfez 
Waller Water Dosage
July 27, 2017 07:51AM
Hi. Newbie here. I just made some Waller Water. I make a 22oz. drink daily with some powdered greens, maca powder, and some other things. Rather than diluting the water in a 4 liter water jug, couldn't I just add an oz to my drink?
Re: Waller Water Dosage
July 27, 2017 09:41AM
I used to drink the concentrate undiluted.
Re: Waller Water Dosage
July 27, 2017 01:13PM
Yes, mfez... you can do that. I do it both ways...diluted and concentrate. Just be aware of the laxation effect that might occur with the concentrate...although - typically, that's with more than just one ounce.

Re: Waller Water Dosage
July 28, 2017 05:21AM
I was drinking a green mix with water but have been told to limit them on elequis apixiban. I do not like greens and only take them in a drink.
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