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Eliquis and ibuprofen

Posted by lvbmarine 
Eliquis and ibuprofen
July 04, 2017 05:59PM
Brief history. I had my first and only bout of AFib in May and converted after 9 hours. As a precaution my doctor put me on Eliquis and Diltiazem. My 30 day loop monitor was good and nothing since. I have a nuclear stress Thursday. I have back problems with intense pain. Ibuprofen is the only thing that helps when it flares up. My doctor said I could take it for three days no more then 1200 mg/day. Does anyone here have experience with these two drugs and bleeding? I'm really nervous about using the two together but he said as long as it's a short time I should be fine. Any thoughts?

Re: Eliquis and ibuprofen
July 05, 2017 06:35PM
Larry - First, sorry about your back problem. I hope you learn from

I'm not a doctor but I have 22 years experience since my first afib event. Joined this forum in 2002. Have had 3 ablation procedures.

While there is always a risk of forming a clot during an afib event, typically, that's with a prolonged duration of the event... but of course, no guarantee that it couldn't happen in a couple of hours. That said, many, if not most, new afibbers aren't automatically prescribed an anticoagulant in the beginning stages without pre-existing conditions that would warrant doing so. I'd think you could stop until you get relief from your back pain. But, again, I'm not a doctor.

Your question about combining both Eliquis and Ibuprofen is definitely a concern. I took full dose Eliquis for about 2.5 years and I would not have ever considered using Ibuprofen or any other NSAID with it. Just my radar giving me warning vibes... but if you look on line about interactions with these ... you can see comments from professionals.

Here's one.. scroll down for comments... check other similar websites.


Re: Eliquis and ibuprofen
July 05, 2017 07:15PM
Thank you. Yeah I don't have any others conditions that warrant the Eliquis so I was puzzled by that. Also I have CHADS? score of 0. I did take some ibuprofen but chickened out for more and will wait to come of the Eliquis, hopefully tomorrow.

Jackie, does AFib usually beget AFib or could this have been a one time event. I appreciate your time, very nervous about all of this.

Re: Eliquis and ibuprofen
July 06, 2017 11:45AM
Larry - I can appreciate your nervous state. We all have been there.

There are many 'influences or factors' that promote the tendency to develop afib and many are highly individualized... even some genetic links such as the classic one mentioned is a gene defect that inhibits adequate absorption/utilization of magnesium. Initially, when you first develop afib, if you can document for your records... events, foods, activity, etc that were in place or leading up to the time you had the event. Sometimes, that gives a hint of where to look to begin reversing or correcting imbalances that allow AF to develop. Sometimes, but not a guarantee, but often.

My own experience was that after a hot day on the golf course (and probably not enough water intake), I then joined a party at the club for a pizza party and had 3 glasses of red wine. About 4 hours later, I had the weird sensation in my chest and didn't know what to do. Called the urgent care for advice and they said, just wait it out. Sure enough, it did stop in a few hours....and thinking back on the whole situation, I concluded 1) dehydration 2) far too much sodium in the pizza which blocked potassium, and the alcohol in the wine...of course. (and eventually, I learned I was low in magnesium, which is essential for staying in rhythm.

So, if you can objectively assess your daily routine, lifestyle habits, various favorite foods and take inventory of the foods you do eat regularly and whether they are high in sodium and/or calcium... avoid those. Avoid alcohol and other well-known triggers such as food additives (MSG), aspartame artificial chemical sweetener, diet sodas, not eating regularly ...that is sometimes if you go too long between meals, your blood sugar goes low and that triggers the AF...
...lots of individual variables that can be "sleuthed" out and corrected.

I can help you if that's useful. Let me know after you get your back situation under control - you can send me a PM.

Just try to relax.

Best to you,
Re: Eliquis and ibuprofen
July 06, 2017 12:19PM
Thank you very much.

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