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***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Our New Forum Has Officially Launched

Posted by tvanslooten 
***IMPORTANT NOTICE*** Our New Forum Has Officially Launched
October 28, 2016 03:54PM
We have great news for you all, that our first major step toward revamping our Afibbers.org resource has occurred effective today … a fully updated and spam-protected Afibbers Forum which no longer requires the generic universal log-in to access and read the forum!

The previously named ‘Bulletin Board’ has been renamed the more descriptive: ‘Afibbers Forum’. In the process, a full update of the Phorum Platform that we have used to host our forum for many years now has been accomplished, and in the process, new generation spam-blocking modules have been installed to help minimize possible spam interference within the forum.

With behind the scenes spam control on the job now, we no longer have to depend on the often cumbersome and unhandy forum log-in requiring all afibbers who wish to simply access and just read the forum to enter the universal username: ‘afibbers’ and password: ‘2sesame’. From today forward, each of us only has to click the ‘Afibbers Forum’ link found at the top of the vertical list of menu options on the left side bar on the home page. All other links to the forum throughout the site will go to the new forum.

A major additional benefit to opening up our Afibbers Forum by eliminating the login required until now to access the forum, is that gradually over the coming months the full 13 year history of our forum will become indexed in the various major internet search engines such as Google, Bing etc for the first time. As a result, over time a larger number of afibbers throughout the world who typically have only been able to discover our resource by word of mouth, will soon be able to find our little oasis in the AFIB online universe directly via internet search engines! (note: the first three years of our forum archives were unfortunately lost during transfer from our original forum platform to our current Phorum platform prior to Oct. 2003)

Shannon & Travis

P.S. This was a major transition that took place behind the scenes so there may be an occasional bug here or there. If you have any issues, please reply here to this post with a description of the bug you discovered. We are already aware of the message you may get telling you that there is a private message or an unapproved message for you once you log into the site under your username and password but then there isn't any message(s).
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