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Welcome to The AFIB Report and Our purpose is to serve as a gathering place for people with atrial fibrillation (AFIB) and to actively research and disseminate high quality accurate information about AFIB and its treatment.

Our main focus is sharing a truly integrative approach combining the best aspects of life-style risk reduction methods, including the best of ‘Self-Health’ principles, along with proven techniques from allopathic electro-physiology (EP) and cardiology toward managing, minimizing and eventually eliminating AFIB as a disruptive force in afibber’s lives everywhere.

This wonderful oasis in the online AFIB universe came to be some 17 years ago when chemical engineer and afibber since the early 1990’s, Hans Larsen and his wife Judi, had the vision to create this oldest AFIB-centric patient education and advocacy resource on the web, dedicated to deeper understanding of the challenges of this vexing condition and to help blaze a way forward towards eventual durable freedom from all atrial arrhythmia.

We were the first AFIB resource to champion the now recognized benefits of taking better care of one’s own self-health, via better diet, proper exercise, repletion of key heart-healthy nutrients and electrolytes as well as effective stress reduction. And all the while, recommending each afibber to partner with an expert EP, and related health care professionals, in order to address those life-style risk factors that might be sabotaging one’s progress towards a functional remission of AFIB.

What we share in the pages of, and within our dynamic international afibber’s forum, plus via The AFIB Report newsletter, are insights and rules of thumb ranging from rich anecdotal experiences of afibbers from around the globe who have found a home here, to the most reliable peer-reviewed research findings from the world of EP and cardiology.

Nevertheless, we emphasize that persons with AFIB should not apply any of the suggestions reported in The AFIB Report, or within this website or forum, without first obtaining medical confirmation and advice for each unique patient.

Although typically not directly life-threatening, AFIB can have a devastating effect on one's life, yet there is very real hope to both minimize total AFIB burden in our lives and regain long-term freedom from all arrhythmia.

The AFIB Report was started in January of 2001 as a vehicle for sharing our collective findings with fellow afibbers. Our Afib Forum saw its first posting in September 2000 and now contains over 150,000 contributions afibbers around the world. and The AFIB Report are truly the place for information about atrial fibrillation. Please join us and contribute your experiences as well.

Best Wishes,

Shannon W. Dickson – Editor

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